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Beverly Hills Chihuahua

The film opens with a long, drawn from the display of wealth and fabulousness remind the viewer over the top of decadence Beverly Hill. His tough, talking about a dog.. But the story isn t much of the frivolity Beverly Hill. Do not let the name is taken out, this is a new adventure and family films. That said, however, could never be considered a classic talking dog movie.
9.1.09 11:53

Jay Z Announces Concert On Eve Of Obama Quot Inauguration

Jay-Z announced that it will play a concert on the eve of Barack Obama presidential election in Washington DC.The controversial Glastonbury headliner will perform January 19 at the intimate Warner Theatre, that fewer than 2,000 seats, reports the Associated Press.
9.1.09 11:53

Ledger Quot Friends To Judge New Actor Quot Scholarship

How and $ US10, 000 ($ 14,000) and a Qantas return airfare to Los Angeles, the scholarship, organized by LA-based non-profit Australian Film (AIF), will open the doors for the actor in Hollywood studios and powerbrokers. A panel composed of precious Heath Ledger close friends and colleagues decided to judge the winner of a scholarship in the United States named in honor of the late Australian actor. Heath Ledger The scholarships will give a new impetus in making the Australian actor in Hollywood.
9.1.09 11:52

How Kate Winslet Could Win An Oscar

Warning voters for both the SAG and Oscar awards: did you know that you have to vote for categories of individuals for whom advertise their studies? English: you can raise a player to be incurred to bring or send the lead down to support at its discretion. This bit of news comes as SAG voters have reported recently received instructions from their mothership..
9.1.09 11:52

Schwarzenegger Names New Air Board Member

And is a member of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger filled another seat in California Air Resources Board, a powerful group in charge of the implementation of s-greenhouse gas emissions law, on Tuesday. Yeager, a Democrat, previously served on the City of San Jose. Schwarzenegger tapped Ken Yeager, a Santa Clara County supervisor for the position.
9.1.09 11:52

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